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“What should I eat?” is a question that each one of us has to tackle on a daily basis irrespective of what time in the day it is. This means that in a world where smartphone invasion has well and truly taken place and there’s an app for every imaginable thing in your life, solving people’s food dilemmas through technology seems like the perfect business venture to embark upon.

 With ohoshop Food Delivery App Solution, you have a tailor-made mobile business designed to cater to a large number of hungry customers all looking for a smart solution to their food and beverage needs. The solution has been developed with utmost attention to detail in order to ensure that every essential feature required for a successful mobile business is present and given ample importance.



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No Big Investment

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Pay As You Go (SaaS based)

No IT and Server Maintenance

Free App Maintenance and Up-gradation

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Oho Back Office – The Control is in your Hands

With a full-fledged and easy to use back office, you can easily manage the look and feel and other features of admin app and customers’ app. It helps you to maintain brand image and provide less dependency on techies and developers

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Oho Admin – Be on the Move Always

Admin app gives you instant notifications and updates about any new order, delivery and unfulfilled orders. This helps you to be constant updated about your customers, sales and orders

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Start Taking Orders with Apps

Start Taking Orders with Apps from the customers who can choose from a wide selection of cuisine from your restaurant or any other restaurants in city that you have configured in the system. Finding the perfect food to eat has never been this easy and instant.


Delivery Management

Delivery Management is key to any successful food delivery business and we’ve ensured that we’ve integrated a fully efficient system in place so that your food reaches your happy customers on time and as fresh as if they were dining-in.


Discounts, Coupons and Special Offers

Discounts, Couponsand Special Offers are very tempting and probably is the one sure shot way of convincing undecided users to order from your app. Keep your customers delighted and coming back for more.


Push Notification

Push Notification is a must for every app. With this feature your users are immediately informed about any discounts and deals, special events and updates. Push notifications let you to engage with with your customers with customised and catchy content.


Accept Online Payment

Accept Online Payment for the most convenient payment method for both your business and your customer. Whether its credit card, debit card or net banking we’ve got you covered.


Cash on Delivery (COD)

Cash on Delivery (COD) the alternative method of payment, is a high priority factor to many customers ordering online. They tend to trust businesses who offer COD than those who don’t. This is why we’ve made sure to provide the app with this can’t-do-without feature.


Menu Management

Menu Management allows you organize and modify your menu to provide the best experience for both yourself and your customers. Quickly add, edit and delete your daily menu while adjusting the workflow operations according to your convenience.


DIY (Design IT Yourself)

DIY (Design IT Yourself) is a characteristic feature of the app solution that makes sure your brand stand out amongst the crowd. You have the power and the creative freedom to outline your business as you see fit.


Seller App for Quick Management

Seller App for Quick Management tool has been designed to streamline and optimize your data in order to make the whole process of running a digital business much more simplified.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are crucial to every online business as it lets you establish a direct relationship with your customers. It is paramount in gaining an understanding of what your target audience’s needs are while also helping in gaining their trust.


Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing function is an easy and effective way to popularize your business. It is the best way to promote yourself and introduce new customers to the app


Table Reservation

Now you an take the prior booking via your restaurant app to let your customer avoid waiting time and to let you manage your reservations and footfalls both.


Blogs, News & Events

The trending feature or say the trending way to  build a brand and to be on top list of your customers.



One of the important feature which is in demand and is used by most top restaurant apps as giving exciting earnings via referral and increasing the app downloads.

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