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Our Story

Empowering Retail Stores

OhoShop is a venture of Rightway Solutions, a company founded in 2003 and having proven track record on software product development. Some of our successful software ventures are:

Management Team

Abhishek Agarwal

CEO, Founding Team

Rakesh Jain

CTO, Founding Team

Nidhi Agarwal

CSO, Founding Team

Our Team

Our Story of OhoShop

This year, in July, Rakesh and Abhishek visited Bengaluru to attend an eCommerce expo. During visit, they found technology is impacting our lives to huge extent which they were not able to sense in their cabins in Ahmedabad. Things like booking taxi, ordering food, booking appointments, everything was happening at the click of apps in tech-city, Bengaluru. And maybe that’s the case everywhere also.

While observing things, they found retail industry segments are still in traditional way of business. Customers come down to their shop, ask for things and carry them to their places. The major segment of such retailers are like small grocery shops, vegetable and fruit stores, flower shops, home and décor shops, gift and stationary shops.
They saw the gap and sensed the opportunities lies in this area. They thought if mobile is penetrating all other areas of life then why not in retail segment where it is utmost required. Then they decided to empower retailers with mobile technology by providing branded mobile app to them.

Retailers understand the power of technology,have power to spend and sell their products to customers via branded apps. It’s easy for their digital savvy customers to buy groceries, get vegetables, shop for stationary or buy fashion apparel, on the go. This is how the idea for OhoShop originated.

Ideas need to be evaluated, so it started with conducting research. An experienced survey team was hired and survey was conducted with 500 retailers. The survey was completed and the results were very positive and encouraging. 3 in 4 retailers gave their consent to offer mobile apps to their customers to boost their sales. Since the idea is now backed by proof and validation, it’s time to kickoff the project.

We worked on materializing OHO and now the product is ready to launch. We are confident that Oho will open a new era of growth in Indian retail industry and this confidence is backed by our years of experience in IT industry coupled with proven track record on offering world-class software products