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Technology has changed the world we live in forever. Everyone today is busy checking emails, posting picture on social media, texting friends, searching something on Google, fiddling with their favorite apps- in short, the digital world has taken over our everyday lives in a massive way. Thanks to technology, customers today are demanding quicker, easier and more convenient ways for absolutely everything!

In order to meet these pressing needs, we have designed and developed a comprehensive solution for grocery businesses who want to go mobile.

The app includes a whole list of features designed to provide both quality back end and front end experiences.



Your App, Your Brand

No Big Investment

iOS and Android App

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Oho Back Office – The Control is in your Hands

With a full-fledged and easy to use back office, you can easily manage the look and feel and other features of admin app and customers’ app. It helps you to maintain brand image and provide less dependency on techies and developers

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Oho Admin – Be on the Move Always

Admin app gives you instant notifications and updates about any new order, delivery and unfulfilled orders. This helps you to be constant updated about your customers, sales and orders

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Product Management

Product management is an essential feature of the app which allows you to grab a crystal clear understanding of how to build and manage all your products. It helps you communicate internally and externally while assisting in make informed business decisions.


Order Management and Reports

Order management and reports provides you with an organized tool to boost productivity and streamline your business. This helps in managing customers, overseeing orders, monitoring inventory, increasing sales and much more.


Discounts, Coupons and Special Offers

Discounts and coupons feature is a great way of rewarding your customers with incentives that help promote sale on your grocery app. Create the best deals for the customers through an easy to use function. Who can resist a good shopping deal right?


Push Notification

Push notifications allow you to get in touch with your customers in real-time informing them about discounts, special offers, best deals and other announcements that help in bringing them back to the app and increasing your conversions.


Accept Online Payment

Accept online payment to deliver the simplest and most efficient payment method for your app. A range of options from debit card, credit card and net banking make for a hassle-free experience for the customers.


Cash on Delivery (COD)

Cash on delivery (COD) payment method is known to increase orders considerably. Even with online stores many customers tend to prefer having a tactile contact before making a purchase. COD allows you to offer this brick and mortar experience to achieve a wider reach while gaining the trust of new customers.


Social Media Sharing

Social media sharing feature provides your business with an instant opportunity for large scale visibility. It’s the perfect way to promote your grocery business while attracting new customers to the app.


DIY (Design IT Yourself)

DIY (Design IT Yourself) feature allows you to personalize the app according to your own brand-ing needs. We like to call this the “Your App, Your Brand” mantra. You know best what works for your brand and no one should dictate terms in this matter. Give your app your own individual touch and create the ultimate brand experience for your users.


OTP Verification

OTP verification is an important tool for performing security check. This highly useful tool verifies email addresses and mobile numbers of users by sending a verification code (OTP) during regis-tration and helps you keep a tab on fraud cases.


Product Reviews

Product reviews are an indispensable part of an online store’s branding and marketing. With this feature you not only aid the customers in their purchasing decisions but it also helps you build trust and loyalty.


Advance CMS

Fields such as Blogs, News and Events which can be an effective tool to promote the product as well as share happenings with the customers.


Refer A Friend

This feature will encourage the downloads of your grocery app. You can set policies of referring and earning to increase the downloads.

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