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Why Android App Development Is a Clever Choice for Start-ups


Why Android App Development Is a Clever Choice for Start-ups

The online market is trending these days. If we see around, every day a new Business Start-Up is launched. With this, there is a huge traffic observed in Start-Up businesses and all of them are struggling to distinguish themselves from one another. This struggle can probably be overcome by taking a step towards moving your start-up business online or mobile.

Having an android app can help you out as Android Market accounts for the 86.1% of all smartphones sold to end users in the first quarter of 2017 as per statistic.The below graph also supports the same viewpoint showing the growing share of Android among share of global sales to end users from 2009 to 2016.


Source: Statista

As Android platform dominates the other OS. It would be a smart choice to have a presence on it for every business especially the Start-Ups. It also holds a huge customer base compared to the other platforms.

If you are a business start-up focussing to go mobile? Take a quick look at why you should start off with developing an android app first for your business.

Advantages of Android App Development for Start-ups

1. Larger Audience Reach:

Since Android phones are cheaper than iOS, anyone can afford it easily. Therefore having an e-commerce android app can serve your purpose to reach out a huge chunk of the audience.

2. Lower Investment:

Developing an android app is quiet cheaper as compared to iOS. A start-up business can easily afford it. As well as it is also a way to perform experiments on your new start-up. You can run a beta version and gradually improve your app as well as product line too.

3. Amazing ROI: 

As there is very less investment and targets a huge customer base, it is sure shot that you will be able to achieve the ROI at the earliest.

4. Apps Loaded with Features:

Developing a unique & interactive android app which is loaded with features is not a big challenge. You can easily get the features integrated that are beneficial to your business sales and that too at a nominal cost. The more the features, the more market it will get.

5. Comfortable Availability of Resources:

It is quiet easy to find a skilled android developer at a reasonable cost while for iOS, the cost of developer may be almost double. There is a pool of android developers available in market.

6. Quick App Launch:

It takes just a few hours for Android applications to get the approval and get published on Play Store which is a big advantage over the other platform.

7. Higher Customization Options:

Since it is an open source platform, the possibility of integrating any sort of customization as per your business needs is quiet high in comparison to other OS.

8. Google Play Links Boost SEO Rankings:

You can easily grow your brand awareness by getting your apps discoverable via search engines like Google.If you host an Android app on Play store, well, it has Google right in the name there. Having your app on Google Play Storerightfully allows you into Google’s app indexing library. This helps your app with Google search.

Viewing the above factors you can see how advantageous it is to get an android app developed first for your start-up. It offers a huge market with increasing demand. Developing an android app can help you out to succeed in your new business and that too with investing less time, money and effort.


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