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Turn Your Business Idea into an eCommerce App

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Turn Your Business Idea into an eCommerce App

“Everything begins with an idea”, well quoted by Earl Nightingale. Every start-up begins with an idea, a thought coming out of a normal human being’s mind. But how to screen and shape up the idea is the biggest challenge for all of us. Some try hard to execute it, while some give up. Those who try can transform their idea in to well revenue generating business model while others keep on wondering about how to do it. Your ideas are valuable; do not give upon it so easily.

How to Mould Your Business Idea

  1. Screen out the ideas: You might get ample amount of ideas in day to day life. Screen them and find out which one can help you fill your pockets to the highest extent.
  2. Conduct and in-depth Research: Once done with the screening, do a well market research such as research about target market, industry to cater, target audience and their belief regarding your product/service.
  3. Evaluate the idea: If you are not so sure about your product/ service, you can test it on a small set of relevant audience and evaluate the response out of it.
  4. Implement it: If the response from sample group of audience has matched your level of expectation, implement the same to larger set of audience i.e. your target group.

Still thinking that it could be difficult for you???

Try turning your idea in to a business/ecommerce app.  This could be feasible in all aspects be it financial or any other barriers. Let us read how to do it:

Categorize your idea

There are various sorts of categories in the industry, filter among which your ideas fit in to. These can be Grocery, Food & Beverages, Fashion or any other. This would be helpful in targeting your set of market and your set of customer group.

Select an appropriate budget and a solution provider

After categorizing, comes the budget part. Do not worry; there are n-number of mobile app solution providers present in the market. You can do the app cost analysis based on your requirement i.e. whether you want to go for one time cost model or SaaS based. Find out the best solution provider which fits in your budget and delivers what you want.

Build Shopping App

Share your requirements with the screened mobile app solution provider and develop your app.  There you go! Your biggest aspect of technical barrier and financial barrier has been taken care of.

Promote your App

Your app is ready. Now it’s time to make it visible to your target customers. Promote your app on social media, print media, digital media etc. where you can reach out masses at a go.

Start Earning through App

Well when all the above steps are executed effectively, start getting the rewards from it. Yes! Start earning with your app.

There you are, earning well with your idea. Was it so difficult?? Your efforts and smartness transformed your idea in to a well earning business app. There are many unique ideas who are earning via their ecommerce app. Let’s see few of them.

Unique Businesses who have Built Shopping Apps with Ohoshop



The idea behind this business was to serve the customers with Fresh Farm products i.e. no additives, chemical free products all supplied directly from farms. The products they sell via their app are purely organic. Be it Honey or spices or any other stuff, they ensure that its nutritional value is maintained.

They very effectively converted their idea in to an eCommerce app with OhoShop as their visions were very clear and they believed their idea was unique and now they are getting appropriate income through it.

Ice- Cream Online


What would be better than having ice-creams delivered at doorsteps? Nobody can imagine selling products like ice-creams online as it melts fast. A distributor based out of Solapur identified this gap and came up with the idea of selling ice-creams online.  He trusted the idea well and was in search of a proper channel which he found via having his own ice- cream selling app.

The idea of this business was a sort of opportunity for him to earn and bingo, he executed it and now generating income via this.



SriGururaja book stall was established in 1970. The retail store is based in Mantralayam, Andhra Pradesh selling Pooja accessories. With having a physical store, the owner came up with the idea of taking the store online. No one would have thought of selling these sorts of products online and here they consulted OhoShop and built a unique business app. They are selling all sorts of Pooja accessories via their app and are making money out of it.

Well viewing the above examples, give a gear to your idea and turn it in to an effective business and earn out of it.

Your ideas are unique; let people know about it by successfully executing it.

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