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SethJee – Success Story

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SethJee – Success Story

Understanding the time crunch, we are just contributing in reducing the number of hours

people spend to shop their daily needs.”

-Anand Kumar, CEO, SethJee

Q1. Give us a quick overview of your business?

Ans: Our business was started in the year 2013. Right from childhood, I was fond of having my own firm. I used to wonder a lot about what business should I start of? What is the best thing I can do? And a bunch of questions rolled on in my mind. Viewing the markets and analysing the various industry, I came to know that the scope of selling daily needs would never go down and hence started off with my own grocery business. Currently, we sell all the grocery items, personal care products, baby care products, household items, kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils and many more.

Q2. What challenges or needs did you face in your industry that led you to look for a solution like ours?

Ans: No doubt, the grocery industry is evergreen and probably this is the reason that the competition is very high. We no more have to just compete with our nearby stores and supermarkets rather our major competitors were the online stores like big basket and grofers. Our entire market was churned with brands like them and that was the right time to take the decision of going online. Though the decision was made but I was still not clear of how it would be done and there were ample amount of challenges such as budget, technical barrier and so on.  Post that I came to know that there are such ready to build solutions available in market and bingo; I opted for a complete solution by OhoShop.

Q3. How does our solution help your business to achieve its objectives?

Ans: Well, with this solution, our primary goal was to retain our old customers that we have lost because of not offering the convenience of online ordering and delivery while grabbing the new ones was our secondary objective. Obtaining new customers was like a cherry on the cake and yes! We have been getting lots of cherries due to our online grocery store.

Q4. Since how long have you been using our solution?

Ans: I guess it’s around 3 months we have been using OhoShop’s solution but it has benefitted us a lot in many terms. Not only in bringing the loyal customers and increasing the sales but it has also improved our brand image and value to a greater extent. People here know about SethJee now and all thanks to OhoShop.


 Q5. What was most important to you while evaluating your options or what made our solution stand out against our competitors?

Ans: There were multiple reasons while evaluating the options, to be very frank the only thing popped in my mind was getting maximum benefit at reasonable cost and what could be more reasonable then just sparing Rs. 1490/- monthly and getting everything in it.

Q6. How easy or hard was it to get started with our solution/ OhoShop?

Ans: I was very much worried prior to starting off with this solution. I didn’t knew how will I handle this on my own but thanks to the OhoShop team for making it so simple and easy that even a non-techy can handle the solution and not to forget that the way team trains you and reverts to your queries while training will seriously impress anybody. They are always ready to explain you same thing, multiple times. The on-boarding process was so smooth and easy that I didn’t felt I was new to the system.

Q7. Which unique feature of OhoShop Solution did you liked the most?

Ans: I found PUSH NOTIFICATION feature very useful and it has seriously helped me out in grabbing more sales. All you have to know is how to use it strategically and you can make the most out of it.

Q8. Give us the overall experience with OhoShop (Training, Delivery & Support).

Ans: I would just say in short that the entire team be it Training, Delivery or Support deserves a 5 star rating. Completely satisfied with their services.

Q9. What is your future planning of expanding your business and how you think our solution can help you out in expansion?

Ans: Not only Jamshedpur, I would like to cater my grocery delivery business across entire Jharkhand.

Q10. Would you recommend OhoShop to others? Why?

Ans: Definitely will recommend OhoShop to others. The way I am getting benefits out of it, I surely want people to grow their business by using such sort of solution.

For OhoShop, what I liked the most is that the application is very good in the amount we have to pay for it and the best part is that the system provides the facility of paying on installment basis.


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