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Mobile App Usage Statistics 2016 [Infographic]

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Mobile App Usage Statistics 2016 [Infographic]

With the emergence of Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices, the usage of software applications (apps) are increasing at higher pace. The apps are generating higher amount of revenues these days through the download, advertising and in-app purchasing.

The Statistics Below Shows the App Usage Scenario for the Year 2016

App Downloads & Time Spent

With the increase in annual downloads of apps of about 90 billion there have also been a tremendous increase of up to 900 billion hours worldwide in the total time spent in apps.

Top App Categories 2016

Communication, Social & Video Players and Editors are topping among the categories which are surfed most viewing to the overall time spent. Viewing the iOS store, Finance, Travel and Photo & Video has found extreme growth while for Google play Store, Productivity and Tools and Social apps topped the list. For iOS devices, Facebook, Messenger, YouTube, Google Maps & WhatsApp respectively were the top 5 apps used by monthly active users while for PlayStore,  it was WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram & twitter respectively. Taking in view the download ratio, Facebook topped the list in apps where as Pokemon Go topped the gaming section.

Top App Downloaded Countries 2016

China had the highest number of app downloads followed by US, Japan, UK & Russia while India had highest number of Game downloads following US, Brazil, Indonesia & Russia.


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Viewing the above statistics we can say that, the app usage are increasing at a greater extent year on year basis and would prove the best for retailers to invest in.

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