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How to Utilise Facebook For Your Business

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How to Utilise Facebook For Your Business

Have you used Facebook for your Business? If not, it’s high time. There are around 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, i.e. quiet good number of audience to target for business promotion. It comprises of 1.23 billion daily active users. It has found that a user spends around 20 minutes per day on Facebook as reported by BusinessInsider. Around 5lakhs comments are posted every 60secs.

Here we have listed benefits/advantages of Facebook for business:

1. Exposure to Potential Customers:

Facebook helps you in targeting new customer’s base thus increasing your customer database. You can also reach your targeted audience by setting up your ads demography, age group and so on.

2. Generating Enquiries:

A set of fresh enquiries can be generated by organizing contests on Facebook.

3. Decreased Marketing Expenses:

Compared to print media, social media is quiet less expensive and reaches the right set of audiences. Thus, are found very effective.

4. Build Brand Loyalty:

Facebook page helps you in building your brand to a greater extent. With your posts, ads and contests you can engage your business page followers thus making them loyal visitors.

5. Drive traffic to your website:

You can increase the number of visitors on your website by linking your business page to your website. You can also link your posts to your site.

6. Have a Keen Look on Your Competition:

You can observe your competitors business page and track down the activities, posts and contests so that you can get the idea of their doings.

7. Increase Visibility:

You can make your brand visible to n-number of people relevant to your business by organising creative contests and letting them like your page or visit your website.

Facebook Tools and Techniques to Promote Business

Facebook provides many unique ways to promote your business page and build your brand for free. Few of them are listed below:

1. Messenger Code:

Facebook messenger is getting popular day by day with people chit chatting. Why not to use the same to connect with your customers and targeted audience. Messenger code, a new update by Facebook allows you to connect one on one with your customers. You can extract your Facebook page’s messenger code and share it via print media such as newspaper, magazine, etc. You can also share your messenger code as a post on your Facebook Page. This code can be scanned to initiate the private chat with you via Facebook. Messenger can be used offline. The glimpses of same are illustrated below with screenshots.



2. Response Assistant:

This allows you to automatically welcome people to your Facebook business page with customized message. It also enables you to send instant revert to the one who messages you to your page. With this you can stay responsive even when you are not on your device. This all settings can be enabled or disabled as per your wish. The screenshot below shows the same.


3. Manage your Response Time:

A display of your average response time is displayed on right hand side of your Facebook page that shows how soon you revert to the queries or enquires of clients on Facebook. Lesser the response time, more users would like to interact with you on Facebook. You can reduce the response time on your page by reverting at least 75% of messages within a day.


4. Add a Call to action Button:

A call to action button enables you to link your FB page to any destination, be it your website, product/service page, contact us page and so on. This helps you in driving your business objective. A call to action button would be shown below your cover page. You can also promote it and track its performance. There are seven call to action buttons provided by FB such as Sign-Up, Shop Now, Contact Us, Book Now, Use App, Watch Video and Play Game. You can select any one relevant to your requirement.

5. Go Facebook Live:

Facebook live allows your user to have a quick look at your live business sharing and also allows you to engage with your customers. The priority of live sharing is quiet high as compared to normal postings and creates urgency among viewers to a greater extent. To build a strong engagement you can promote well in advance before going live. You can organize Q & A sessions, Interviews, Event Coverage, Tutorial, Contests or a Demo of a product or offerings. This may increase the number of viewers. If done on regular basis, Facebook live can help you in building a set of loyal audiences or visitors.

6. Populate Milestone:

You can add a company milestone which is just below your cover page as shown in screenshot image below. The details such as company founding day, events, product launches, or any other can be added to give the authenticity to your Page. It builds trust among your Page viewers.


7. Like As Your Page:

If you are owning more than one businesses and having different pages for each business, you can Like them as your page as illustrated below in screenshot. These likes will show up on your Page’s timeline.


8. Pin Important Posts:

You can pin important posts to top of your page. This allows your particular posts to be on top of your page for a longer duration than normal posts.


9. Ask Customers to Review You:

You can ask your customer’s to review your Facebook business page. The star ratings will help you out in grabbing more trust among your new customers.


Thus, Facebook can be used as a medium to promote your business and increase your visibility to larger set of audience.So, start taking benefits without Fail!

Note: Write reviews & like as a page points.

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