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How to Build Online Grocery Store like Big Basket & Grofers

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App like grofers and big-basket

How to Build Online Grocery Store like Big Basket & Grofers

The Indian food market is noticing an exponential growth. It has been ranked 6th among the world food market. The growth seen is due to changing trends of buying frozen & processed food. Also, groceries are something which falls under daily needs. Well you can avoid visiting restaurants, shopping clothes and accessories but you can’t ignore your daily aids. That’s why it sells irrespective of the state of the economy.Well, no doubt these are mandatory to shop but caught in the busy lives with spending almost entire day in offices as well as increase in nuclear families, people find it difficult to visit the kirana stores daily however the need is urgent. The sole reason behind is that they have given the e-stores now a day to shop from be it veggies, fruits or groceries everything is available online.

With these changing trends, if you are still relying on your Kirana store to sell from, it’s high time for you to opt for online grocery store.

Grocery store owners see potential in e-commerce website development for their store’s reason being increasing use of mobile app-based grocery shopping, grocery sales increasing via coupons (18%), loyalty programs, referral programs and more over the above convenience in shopping.

As per the research,” 25% of the online users order online groceries and the number is expected to reach to 55% in the near future”.

India will be the primary growth driver of online grocery retailing within Asia Pacific as per the below graph:

grocery data

As per the CNBC report, “The online grocery industry is going to scale up to $100 Billion by 2025 and least 20% of the market will be occupied by online groceries.”

Also, every 4 out of 5 customers prefer shopping through smartphones”

Decided to take your kirana store online? Just your decision doesn’t matter. There are biggies out there like big basket, grofers, local banya and so on with whom you have to compete. Do the intense research about your targeted audience, their shopping patterns, product requirement and then decide. Take a wise decision in building an ecommerce app for your grocery store.

Benefits of creating an app for your grocery store:

  • Keep in touch with your customers.
  • Send offers and deals through Push Notifications.
  • Ease their shopping experience.
  • Convenience of Door delivery.
  • Accepting Online payments.
  • Letting them compare brand & prices with just clicks.
  • Advantage of earning Reward points in wallet.
  • Exciting discounts, deals and coupons.

You can also boost your products sale by exciting feature like Rating & Review.

According to the study,“Reviews can boost the chances of conversion by 20%”.

We have seen how important it is to have your own online store, now let’s see how to build one.

Factors to consider while building an online grocery store includes:

1. Choice of eCommerce platform : Things that knock your mind while selecting an eCommerce platform for your Grocery Store are:

  • Can it make your store look beautiful?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Is it secure?
  • Can it be scaled easily without any upfront costs?
  • Does it support third party integrations?

2. Store Designing:Getting your store a similar look to stay in sync with your brand and give an eye-soothing shopping experience to your grocery shoppers.

3. Features & Functionality: Offering all ecommerce features as wells as promotional features to boost up your sales.

4. Payment Gateway Integration: Offering various payment methods to choose from to give a shopping experience in the most secured way.

Well, the above things can’t be ignored even if you are a non- technical person. The best way for you to get your online store ready like big-basket and grofers is to explore vendors giving ready to use solution.

There are many SaaS based systems available in market which you can evaluate and choose from. Things to consider while evaluation:

  1. Pricing
  2. List of Features
  3. Deliverables

Considering the example of OhoShop, it offers a complete online solution with Mobile Apps, Website and Web Apps for your kirana stores. The pricing starts from 1490/- monthly and it offers almost all ecommerce & promotional features.

Explore the platforms and make a wise decision in selecting one and get your online presence at the earliest and start generating revenue through it.


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