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How much does it Cost to build a Restaurant App like Zomato or Swiggy

How much does it Cost to build a Restaurant App like Zomato or Swiggy

A restaurant is just a perfect place where you can treat your taste buds. However, there are already many restaurants, cafes, food joints, and so on. Choosing the right restaurant where you can enjoy and pamper your taste buds is quiet confusing.We can see the glimpses of online food almost everywhere – in our Facebook trolls, Instagram feeds, and other social channels. As the competition grows, restaurants/food businesses try to find new approaches to survive in the market. Not only grabbing a new customer but retaining old customers too is a big challenge for them. In such a scenario, you need to stand out in comparison to other food businesses. Apart from having your physical presence and your servings & hospitality, go for online presence. To be even more precise, go for a mobile presence. Get a restaurant app to distinguish yourself from others moreover, to get in touch with your food visitors.

Need of Restaurant App:

  1. A Medium of Sales: It can be a great medium to drive sales as people can not only book the table, they can also order food online.
  2. Retargeting: You can stay on top of mind of your food lovers with PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. It has proven to be the game changer for many businesses. You can retarget your customers by sending deals, meal offers, food delivery discounts and many more.
  3. Brand Building: Not only a channel for sale, having an app builds trust among users thereby creating a brand.

Considering the example of a big restaurant chain called, Taco Bell, who came up with their own android & iOS app in October 2014 and within just a span of year, the app got over 3million installs thereby increasing the sales and in-app orders grew about 20% higher than the average orders made personally.

In addition to above example, let’s quickly see the below facts relevant to online food ordering & delivery:

  • The online food delivery market in India is expected to grow by 34-36% over 2015 to 2020, according to Netscribes Research
  • As per RedSeer report, India’s online food delivery market grew at around 150 % in 2016 with an estimated GMV of USD 300 million.
  • As per the below graph by Statista, in 2017, Revenue in the “Online Takeaway” segment amounted to US$1540m and is expected to reach US$4036m by 2021.


Viewing the above facts & figures as well as Taco Bells example, mobile app for restaurants can be fruitful to a greater extent. Talking about restaurants app, many business owners demand an app like Zomato/Swiggy for their food business. Planning to get one ready?Having budget issues?

Let’s quickly look at the Development Cost of Zomato/Swiggy like App:

Cost of developing an app like Zomato/ Swiggy ranges from $6500 to $11,000.Since Zomato/Swiggy is a database app, its development cost would be a bit higher than simple restaurants apps. The cost of restaurant app depends on the following key factors.

1) App Platform (Android, iOS or Windows): Zomato like app’s development cost for iOS varies from Android. Below graph shows the comparison of the Average per hour cost to develop a mobile app, by various operating systems(location wise) in 2012, in US dollar.

ecommerce app graph

In addition to above graph, you can also check the below graph which depicts the Average cost to develop a mobile app, by various operating systems in 2015.

Mobile App


2) App Design:

Considering restaurant app, it requires customer friendly at the same time engaging design to grab a repeat food lovers, which requires advanced technologies. The designing cost may vary case to case depending on your requirement.

3) App Functionality:

Every industry mandates some unique features and functionalities. For restaurant app, table reservation, food ordering and delivery, offering review and ratings have been found fruitful. Again, the cost varies depending on your feature requirement.

4) App developers:

Cost of hiring a developer varies from the level of expertise a developer has in a particular platform. According to the data by, US-based mobile app developer costs you around $107,000 / year while in India it is quiet low, say to hire a professional app developer you need to pay only $4,400/ year.

In addition to above points, the costing can be calculated depending on the App development stages. Below graph depicts the same:

median cost rang for app development


We have seen the one-time app development cost model. There are SaaS-based models too which has monthly rentals and one-time set-up fees.

Considering the example of OhoShop, the cost of building a restaurant app is as below:

One time set-up fees is INR 5000 and there are various plans as listed below:

  • Starter plan costs around INR 1490 monthly
  • Professional plan costs around INR 2990 monthly
  • Advance plan costs around INR 5990 monthly

The above bifurcation is done on various aspects. You can refer in detail about it on

Thus, analyze thoroughly your restaurants or food business requirements in all terms and then choose the app development vendor wisely.

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