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How much does eCommerce App Development Cost?

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How much does eCommerce App Development Cost?

Do you want to create an eCommerce app for your retail store and wondering how much the app development cost would be? Here you go…

“We are changing the world with technology”, a well quoted statement by Bill Gates. With changing technology, the market too is changing and so is your target audience. Considering the retail market, the way of selling is getting advance with people/consumer being advanced. Traditionally, it was just a brick and mortar store which served the purpose of retail selling, but today, online stores are trending the retail market. Ways ahead of online stores, mobile stores or say app stores are becoming more popular, the sole reason being technology.

With mobile apps being popular, they are in demand by each and every retail store. But going mobile has various concerns, top of it being the cost i.e. ecommerce app development cost. Before getting in to the costing part, let’s overlook the need of mobile apps in detail.

Need of Mobile ecommerce

There are various factors involved in this, major ones being:

  • Visibility: Considering the study, Indian users spend around 169 minutes per day on their smart phones and hence brands can increase their visibility by having their own app and marketing the same to be on the top lists of customers.
  • Accessibility: The mobile apps can be accessible anywhere, anytime according to the users flexibility and convenience.
  • Customer Engagement: No matter what business do you own, you need to connect to your potential audience and mobile app gives you the platform to engage your customers i.e. build a strong relationship with them.
  • Sales Channel: The app proves to be one of the biggest sales channels providing the ease of ordering anytime with their handy devices (mobile devices).
  • Direct Marketing Channel: Apps can act as a direct marketing channel with communicating offers, deals, discounts through Push Notification and various other features to interact with the end users.
  • Product Display: Apps can give you the benefit of showcasing your product range to your customers according to your wish. You can display the series of your product by attractive photographs unlike traditional selling.
  • Rewards via App: You can cultivate effective loyalty programs via your app. You can reward your customer base who are loyal to your products and services and build a strong connection with them.
  • Brand Building & Recognition: An app can contribute a lot towards building your brand such as you can make it stylish, user friendly and interactive with placing your logo and other aids connecting to your brand as well as you can involve customers to visit your app every now and then with placing attractive offers.
  • Better Personalization: You can know your customers through their previous order history and can recommend products and services accordingly i.e. giving a personalized touch to each and every customer.

Viewing the above points, mobile app is mandatory nowadays for almost all businesses to compete as well as to survive.

Since it is mandatory for all businesses, let us calculate the cost involved in developing the one for a store. There are many components that contribute to overall development cost of an app.  Let’s view them one by one.

Cost Calculation of developing an eCommerce app

Platform of an App:

To be precise in terms of platform i.e. android, apple or any other OS, you have to know where exactly your target audience lies. App can be developed for various devices and depending on the platform and devices you select, your cost varies. For Indian customers, android market share estimates around 97% of total Smartphone market share whereas the rest is estimated to be the iOS market share. Apart from that, time to develop the app also contributes to the cost. Developing a native app or hybrid app also contributes to the cost. Native apps are found to be the costliest one as compared to hybrid and are far speedier too.

Functionality of an App:

While the platform has been finalised, the time comes for the technical specification requirement of an app. Features/ Functionality requirement adds on to the additional costing apart from the basic requirements. Based on the type of feature i.e. App analytics, social sharing, deep link, 3rd party payment integration, referral & loyalty program, coupon code, wish list, pin code integration, etc. the cost varies. You have to identify the requirement according to your business and list down the feature requirement to calculate the cost such as Backend development, admin panel development, etc.

Design of an App:

When it comes to ecommerce app, the design of an app does matter equally as functionality of an app. An attractive interface, banners, splash screen, visual effects and other design elements is what attracts the customers on your mobile app and would force them to stay on your app for long. Designing costs of an app sums up to $2000-$30000

Developing an android ecommerce app can sum up to $21,000-$1,00,000 inclusive of design costs , App store registration costs, annual app store fees and many more with maximum features covered. Developing an iOS ecommerce app can sum up to $9,000-$90,000. These costs are for native apps.

Considering the hybrid app development costs sums up to $25,000- $1, 50,000 inclusive of Wire framing, app screen designs, backend programming, database, APIs, admin application, etc.

Considering the hybrid app development costs sums up to $25,000- $1, 50,000 inclusive of Wire framing, app screen designs, backend programming, database, APIs, admin application, etc.

The above costs are one – time and the costs may vary depending on the online ecommerce stores such as Magento, Prestashop, etc.

Apart from these, there are apps which are SaaS based (Software as a service). The ecommerce app developments of these are recurring with one time fixed cost involved in terms of Set-up fees. This fee varies with respect to the service provider. Considering OhoShop, The Set-up fee includes:

  • Efforts to make your apps live
  • Creating App icon and Splash screen for your app
  • Personalizing app colour with backend system
  • Product training and feature detailing explanation
  • Data Populating Training
  • App submission on Play store and iOS store

The Set-up fee sums up to INR 5000 ($75 USD) approximately.

The recurring costs too vary from the plan you avail i.e. Starter, Professional, Advance, Enterprise, etc. This terminology may change based on the service provider.

Considering OhoShop as an example,

  • Starter plan costs around INR 1490 ($25 USD) monthly inclusive of custom icon, splash screen, branding, payment modes integration such as Cash-on-delivery, Credit card, Debit card, Net Transfer, Push Notification feature, Free Payment Gateway set up and graphic design tool access. Products in an app can be up to 1000.
  • Professional plan costs around 2990($45 USD) monthly inclusive of all the starter plan features as well as many more such as Mobile Website, Application Analytics and Bulk Import. Products in an app can be up to 5000.
  • Advance plan costs around 5990 ($90 USD) monthly inclusive of all the professional plan offering plus products up to 100000 in an app.

 Thus, analyse thoroughly your business requirements in terms of platform, type of functionality, native or hybrid, structure requirement, etc and then go for developing an app for your business.

For small businesses, it is recommended to go for SaaS based app as they are easily affordable and easy to use. There are many service providers in market offering SaaS based app. You can select the best after analysing the criteria such as pricing, products in app and other offerings.

Whereas large enterprises can go for one time development cost app as they are well versed in monetary terms and can customise apps according to their needs.

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