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DoorMart – Success Story

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DoorMart – Success Story

“Vegetables taste better when you cook it fresh and

we are delivering it fresh to soothe your taste buds.”

-Anil Pol, CEO, Doormart India

Doormart India is a Pune based daily veggies and fruit seller which started in the year 2016 with the primary objective of delivering fresh fruits & vegetables at the doorsteps of Pune residents.

Q1.Give us a quick overview of your business?

Ans: Having a settled bank job, I had no clue that I will start something of my own someday but thanks to my buddies come partners- Mahesh Kadam & Mahesh Pawar that our brand Doormart India was established in the year 2016. We deliver fresh fruits and vegetables at home. The idea behind Doormart was a mutual goal and passion of all three of us of owning our own business. So, here we are, having our own vegetable store and managing it happily.

Q2. What challenges or needs did you face in your industry that led you to look for a solution like ours?

Ans: Well, we do not have a physical store as to come up with your own store in Pune is quiet a huge investment and we were not sure how much time we could take out to run this business and therefore avoided having physical presence rather than starting off everything online and OhoShop provided the best solution to go online as it caters almost every online need be it website, mobile app or web app. The idea though came up with everything getting digitalized. Still we were not sure that whether this could work for our vegetables and fruits business as these are daily necessities which demands to be shopped fresh.

Q3. How does our solution help your business to achieve its objectives?

Ans: Since we were just a start- up and that too an online start-up. Our main focus was to grab the new customers and OhoShop’s Solution has many promotional features that help in meeting our business objective. What I found beneficial was PUSH NOTIFICATION as it helps in generating new orders as well as repeat orders too.

Q4. How long have you been using our solution?

Ans: We have been using this solution since 9 months in fact as I stated earlier that our business got a start with OhoShop’s Solution only and we are quite satisfied with it.

Q5. Did you explore any other solutions prior to this that did not work out? If so, what happened?

Ans: This was the first solution we came across and viewing the cost and deliverables against it, we didn’t even felt of exploring the other options and Yes! OhoShop is doing justice to our decision.

Q6. What was most important to you while evaluating your options or what made our solution stand out against our competitors?

Ans: The only thing which we were looking for was fast and easy to go live solution and we found both the things in OhoShop.

Q7. How easy or hard was it to get started with OhoShop?

Ans: Since it is a ready to use solution designed specifically for people like us, we found it very easy to get started with it. Each and every team member right from sales to support guided us throughout for a smooth on boarding to the system.

Q8. Which unique feature of OhoShop Solution did you liked the most? Why?

Ans: There are many but SMS alert for any new customer registration and order is the best one. Getting instant alerts allow us to process and update the user and order without logging in and without any delay.

Q9. Give us the overall experience with OhoShop (Training, Delivery & Support).

Ans: To be very precise, everything is very good. We got the in-depth training of the entire solution and it is very easy to control and operate. We got the app live quickly and thanks to delivery team that the entire co-ordination was smooth and fast.

Q10. What is your future planning of expanding your business and how you think our solution can help you out in expansion?

Ans: We are currently catering across Pune and we are getting good business from here so slowly and gradually we are in plan to cover the entire India.

Q.11. Would you recommend OhoShop to others? Why?

Ans: Definitely we will recommend OhoShop solution to others as it is very good and pocket friendly for the start-ups like us.


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