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App Promotion Strategies for Your App Success

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App Promotion Strategies for Your App Success

With the change in consumer behaviour, the shopping patterns have also changed. There has been a vast advancement in the way people research prior to purchase of any product be it as small as buying groceries or vegetables or as big as home furnishings or electronics. The research can be either online on multiple websites & Apps or offline by visiting multiple stores, Word-Of-Mouth. So, being present on all the channels would increase your visibility to your targeted set of audiences. Owning an offline store alone can piss you off in increasing your sales with these giants like Flipkart, Amazon & Snapdeal who are capturing the market.

You can either sell via them or have your own online store with your website and app. selling via market places decrease the profit margin as maximum amount earned will be in their pocket as the commission and addition to that you have to rely on some third parties. To eliminate the same you can go for having your own online presence. With majority of crowd consisting of smartphones, you can explore the platform and build your own app. This would surely add on to your sales number as well as increase your brand visibility too.

Owning an app is not an issue these days, the major challenges faced by people are how to make money out of that app or you can say that how to promote the app to generate revenue via apps as app stores are flooded with applications. Android users account to over 2.8 million apps to choose from, while Apple’s App Store users accounted for 2.2 million apps. The competition is fierce. Gain the ability to reach out maximum users on a much larger scale and compete hand on hand by reading out below strategies and implementing as per your business category. Be clear about below points before starting of the app promotion:

  • Your target audience
  • Are there several different segments you want to cater or only one

Grow your app’s User Base by following below online & offline strategies after the above points are taken care of:

Online Promotional Strategies

There are various online strategies but executing the same at right time would be a smart way to out-stand your competition. Let’s read out what tactics should be implemented pre- launch and what should be done post- launch of an app.


Early access and beta apps on Google Play: Clever strategy, a one must take in to the mind if they are a start-up. This helps you out to get early feedback, to make improvements prior to final release. You can test your app and its features and also see if your users like your app or not. Bear in mind that beta version can be published on app store so avoid doing any fiasco. Complete 70% of the work and then go for Beta test.

Beta Version Submission: There are many sites where beta versions can be submitted. One of our favourite is Preapps. Submit there and once your app goes live, add Play Store & App Store live links there.

Post Launch                                

Start Blogging: Blogging gives you two way benefits, first your user gets to know all about your business and your app. Secondly, it helps you out in improving your ranking through your targeted keywords. Try choosing the blog topics wisely. Make the content as interesting as possible sharing out the real examples and something which your users can relate to. You can also encourage the guest posts depending on your reader’s choice.

Social Media Marketing: Social media is taking a boom these days. Try using it effectively for your app promotion as these are the mediums you can explore with minimum costs. You can try hosting a contest on twitter as twitter is trending these days and is having a sound audience, You can also join related LinkedIn Groups and post your app among relevant audience, You can also make Targeted Facebook group. This can help you in creating a buzz about your app among crowd.

Search for Influences: Search for people who can market on behalf of you via their content or can be your word- of Mouth. These people could be any layman person with highest contacts or any speaker, presenter, renowned writer or may be a blogger.

App Video: You can create video with your app highlights and place it on play store. This captures the attention of visitor and can prompt them to download your app.

Paid Ads:  You can increase your visibility with Google & Facebook Ads. Design creative ad which provokes your users to click on the ad. Choose appropriate audience, location, bid strategy and start getting results via paid campaigns.

PR for App Launch: Plan up PR prior to the launch as it gives the overview, idea and the solution your app would be fulfilling. Select and appropriate platform to publish your PR or you can outsource the same with some good agencies who can help you out in dragging the results out of it by letting it reach to the maximum relevant audience. You can also plan up a post launch announcement depending on the business industry you cater to. Mention your hi-res logo, website, app link and relevant mandatory details to help your readers find your app easily. 

Email Marketing: Gather the relevant data via survey or via some third party agency which shares authentic details of your target group. Create an attractive mailer or newsletter and send it to the data. Keep in mind to give creative touch to your subject line that allows your customers to open and view the mail. Try keeping subject line as short as possible. 

App Download Referral Program: An attractive app referral program can be designed with relevant perks offered to existing users that will motivate them to recommend your app among their contacts.

Offline Promotional Strategies

Print Media: Print media are one of the best offline strategies which give your product entire exposure and awareness. Promote via QR code – Generate and download link of your app and add them to your entire print media chunk be it business card, brochures, receipts, newspaper ads, standees, leaflets or storefront window. Go for leaflet and standees first if you are a start-up as they do not cost much and can create a visibility of your app to larger and specific audience.

In-store advertisement: You can create attractive danglers and stickers to be placed in your store with your app’s QR code so that your frequent buyer can download the app and can do the next shopping through it. This works well with grocery, vegetable & electronics shopping where your users have faith in your products and shopping via app can give them ease.

Tricycle Activity: This will help you notify your relevant audience about your app. You can run the same targeting specific areas of the city. Place the QR code of the app in the creative style. This activity will do your half of the branding based on the location. 

Promoting your app in right way with right strategy can do miracles with your app download numbers. Try the above strategies and let us know how these have benefited you.

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