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5 Technical Hacks You Must Try for Your e-Commerce Fashion Store

5 Technical Hacks You Must Try for Your e-Commerce Fashion Store

Retail ecommerce sales are increasing worldwide year on year basis. As estimated by eMarketer Report 2017, “Worldwide retail ecommerce sales are estimated to reach $2.290 trillion in 2017, marking up 10.1% of total retail sales. By 2021, this will excel at 16%.”

The below graph depicts the same:

retail ecommerce sales

Retail ecommerce sales worldwide will increase by four times compared to the rate of retail sales this year as forecasted in the same report.As we look up for the upcoming year, there are a bunch of emerging ecommerce technology trends/hacksthat any retail or fashion business should focus on which will help them out to boom their fashion business. Some of these hacks are already implemented by few brands and have noticed a slight boost in their ecommerce business.

Below are few hacks that a fashion ecommerce business must try to execute as per their business needs:

  • Virtual Mirror

It’s true that people like to shop online but as observed by brands, there is still hesitation among people to shop clothing online. The major reason is sizing issue. No doubt there is size chart available; still it gives a less idea about fitting. To overcome the same, the concept of Virtual Mirror or Virtual fitting room came in the picture. It will be the silver bullet of the ecommerce fashion industry.


There are various plugins available such as Dressy, which if integrated on your ecommerce site will give your customer the Virtual fitting room where they can feed their sizing relevant details get the right fit and size suggestions. Technology like this eases out the sizing issue thus making online fashion shopping easy.

Virtual Mirror



  • Augmented Reality

Another new concept like a virtual fitting room, the difference is it solves the dilemma of most of the people that the particular apparel or accessory is looking good on the model displayed on website but will it look good on me? Yes, to overcome the same, the concept of augmented reality was introduced. It creates interactive, 3D shopping experience for the shoppers.Many of the brands have already implemented the same. Example:

Lenskart allows it’s shoppers to upload their photo and see which frame would best suit their faces and then order online.

Converse also implemented the same in their mobile app. Shoppers can see how a Converse product would look like on their foot without actually trying the shoe pair by pointing the smartphone’s camera at their leg and getting a visual reference on how it would look.

Augmented Reality


  • Deep Personalisation:

Fashion industry is such where people prefer to get the personal touch be it designs, fabric or any other specification. Giving your shoppers the ability to customize their favorite products may turn up your sales ratio and allow them to stay loyal to you.

Example:  A famous shoe brand, Nike allows you to personalize the shoes to give you the best comfort and perfect style experience.

Deep Personalisation

Source:Google Images

  • Visual Search

Visual Search “reads” images to identify color, size and proportions and many more, to identify the brand and product. This is similar to the search bar, the difference is that visuals are more fun. This offers an advantage over keyword search, where result totally depends on the searcher’s ability to describe an item he is looking for.


Visual Search allows your customers to start off the search with a series of images and click on the particular image when they find products similar to it.The particular image enlarges, along with a series of similar offerings. Increase Basket Sizes and Conversion Rates with this technology.

Visual Search


  • Beacons

Beacons are way more beneficial for fashion stores. It is a simple piece of technology that allows fashion stores to communicate wirelessly with their customers.

Retailers having both a physical store and an ecommerce presence can use beacons to connect shoppers who are walking in or nearby their stores.

Ways beacons found beneficial for fashion businesses are listed:

  • Identify nearby customers and guide them to your store.
  • Engage them with relevant information on products, deals & discounts.
  • Delightful in-store experiences with in-store navigation.

Example: A popular brand Macy installed 4,000Beacons in its store, and as shoppers entered the store, they were reminded to open their Macy’s apps to receive best deals& discounts.


Source:Google Images

Well above are the best technology trends for ecommerce fashion business. There are much more apart from these. So keep an eye on coming technologies and future-proof your ecommerce retail business.



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